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In UAE a company can be formed in any of the following three jurisdictions: Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore.


The licensing authority in mainland is the Department of Economic Development of the respective emirates. In Free Zones, the relevant Free Zone Authority will be the licensing authority and respective Offshore Authority in the case of Offshore jurisdiction.


If you wish to establish a company in UAE, you must choose a suitable legal form for business. There are two main ways to set up your company for business operations in the UAE: Mainland Company (this must be in partnership with a UAE national partner who would own 51% of the company) and Free Zone Company where a foreign national can own 100% of the company.


There are several differences between a mainland and a Free Zone. The main differences lie in the nature of ownership, extent of liability, involvement of UAE nationals as partners or agents and nature of trade and economic benefits that can be reaped. Benefits could vary with respective authorities. 

Advantages of setting up a company in UAE:


Strategic location

No corporate tax

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Variety of business premises

Political stability

Social stability

Ease of doing business

Protection of intellectual property rights

Favourable business regulations

Open economy

Economic stability

Know more about your options in starting a company in Dubai from business activities, fees, sponsoships, timelines and more.  Request a proposal ONLINE from one of AX PRO's Business Setup Advisors. 

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