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Business Tips: How to Prepare Tax Invoice for your Business

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

In some cases, such as if the Invoice informations do not match your Company description or the products and services was unsatisfactory, payment can be disputed.

The tax authority wants the following elements to be compulsorily mentioned on the bill, that is the amount paid as Value Added Tax (VAT) and also the tax registration number of the establishment.

“Businesses are not allowed to charge VAT unless they are registered for VAT and have a TRN. For more information, please visit the FTA's official website”

A tax invoice must include the name and address of the establishment. An invoice must have a sequential tax invoice number or a unique number and date of issue, which enables identification of the tax invoice and the order of the invoice in any sequence, the federal law says.

Source: Federal Tax Authority @Gulf News

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