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Dubai Neighbourhoods with the Happiest Residents

Dubai plans to become the happiest city in the world. It goes without saying that the area where you live contributes a lot to your happiness and well-being.

With an overall average rating of 4.16 out of a maximum of 5, Emirates Living (Springs, Meadows, Lakes, Greens, The Views, and Hills) topped the list of the highest rated areas in Dubai because it has an abundance of green spaces and amenities and gives residents a sense of community. It was closely followed by JLT/Jumeirah Park/Jumeirah Heights with a rating of 4, which scored highly for the quality of the apartments and access to restaurants. Silicon Oasis, the third highest rated area, has newer and spacious residential buildings with low rents, which means that they offer good value for money. It’s also a big business hub, so another reason could be that a lot of residents enjoy living near their workplace. These highly rated areas are also very central and their residents have easy access to public transportation, restaurants and supermarkets.

Source: Gulf News,

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