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Instant license makes it easier to do Business in Dubai

Get commercial licence in Dubai within five minutes!

It has recently been announced by the Dubai Business Registration and Licensing sector of the Department of Economic Development (DED) that a new type of “Instant License” is to be issued to businessmen and investors in an effort to reduce the time required for business registration. Traditionally, obtaining a commercial or industrial license in Dubai could take anywhere between one to six months, or even longer depending on the type of license and requirements set out by the DED.

The greatest impediment to obtaining a commercial license is usually the requirement of having a lease agreement registered for the office space. The DED’s new Instant License service introduces a mechanism whereby investors can obtain a license in a matter of minutes, without the need to have a lease agreement registered. The Instant License has been initiated to support economic diversification and to enhance the efficiency of the DED’s services.

The Instant License is only available for UAE nationals and expats who currently hold a UAE visa. No-objection certificates from the applicants’ sponsors must also be presented. The Instant License can also only be obtained for types of companies which would not require any external approvals, such as general trading companies.The exemption to obtain a lease agreement is only applicable for the first year.

Source: Khaleej Times Dubai

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